Rooftop Skater Game Info

Rooftop Skater is a skateboarding game for the skaters that are fearless and especially have no fear for heights because you will be skating on the top of roofs while doing sick tricks and stunts and jumping from buildings. Select your favourite skater, grab your board and start with performing tricks on the top of the roof. Background music by Slipknot to get the adrenaline going! Ladders will work as checkpoints. Pass the finish line to beat the level. Try to finish the level or get the highest score before your health and time run out. Press space for Ollie and moves and to climb back up if you fall off the building. Use arrow keys to push off, rotate and other moves. Release the arrow key just before ramps so you don't fly off. Manuals are used to link moves, but do not give points. Play Rooftop Skater game online and become the most respected skateboarder in town!

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